Friday, October 16, 2009

Some advice I gave today

Exchanged email with a young girl, who is still in her first job, and was a colleague a few years ago.  She showed very good command over English in her brief emails.

She had given up her pursuit of a Masters degree in her discipline, and had stated on another PG degree. I thought she was a bit too casual about her career choice, so I gave her some unsolicited advice. I wrote: 

I am ANGRY at your being so casual (or so it seems!) about your career. Even if it is unsolicited, I will write some things below which I hope you take constructively.

There are two parts to getting the benefit of any learning:
(1) Learn the stuff. That, to some extent, you have done.
(2) Get an external "Stamp of Approval". That is what the Masters would be for you.

Why is it required? you may ask. Again, 2 major reasons:
(1) When you learn, you get theoretical insights into the practical stuff you do, which can surprise you. Sometimes, you will get moments when, involuntarily, you go, "Aha !!!" -- this is worth much more than the fees -- because at that moment, some part of your understanding deepensor broadens, PERMANENTLY.

(2) No organization is worth getting "hooked on" to; i.e., do not fall into the trap of being dependent on any organization. For you to be 'mobile' if needed in your job, you have to have your resume attractive enough to get another job very soon. Organisations are never worth being loyal to. Choose a fine husband, and be loyal to him. That is fine. But never fall in love with organizations.

Your interest in, and command over written English is a rare gem: nurture it. There will ALWAYS be demand for someone who can write and speak good English.

If you want to move into another sphere, by all means, do so. But remember, you will start at the bottom of a new ladder. ... So decide what you want to do, and then be willing to slog for a few years.

Have you started writing? Why don't you blog regularly, and send me a link? I would like to see your thoughts once in a while.

And then I sent her a link to this blog, saying that I got satisfaction in writing it, even though nobody read it!

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