Monday, October 12, 2009

Nobel for Obama -- Definitely Premature; Possibly Immature

First, for sure, the Nobel Committee has lowered the prestige by choosing an awardee based on hope for what he could do, than what he has actually done. 

Second, it is a travesty of the original intent of the Prize -- the Commander-in-Chief of an army that is involved in two high-profile, high-casualty wars, is rattling sabres against yet another state (Iran), and is continually complicit and involved in the happenings in Israel/West Bank/Gaza and Pakistan, other nations not at peace, is awarded the Peace Prize. And how do they conduct the wars? They have minimal on-the-ground presence, but pummell people who they call "insurgents" and "the enemy" on defenceless people on the ground, using unmanned drone aircraft. 

Third, the decision is the result of Groupthink, I am sure. I doubt if, privately, any of the Nobel Committee members agrees about the award, though they decided otherwise in the Committee.

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  1. I also agree that it may be a result of political spillover effect. I think the final node on Obama's name could be a output of members of the committee relying on other members judgement. I am sure the planet has many more heroes to contest for this award.