Wednesday, December 08, 2010

More about Linux

I  now have all my office machines on Linux. The only concession is that on 2 machines, I have a Windows partition too. Just in case I need it. I now have the following delightful FREE packages installed on my personal Netbook:
  1. Squirrelmail - an email server with browser-based client interface for internal email across my virtual office. No more need to browse the folder on the network . Just attach and email anything to your colleague(s) (each colleague gets a user ID and one desktop also serves as the email server during the day.
  2. A package that allows me to edit the contents of the clipboard, and keep a history of clipboard entries (upto 100, configurable). I have not seen the edit clipboard feature in Windows -- need to think how to creatively use this unusual capability.
  3. A mass file renaming facility, again another shiny pebble on the beach. Unusual, attractive, but what use to put it to?
  4. An "Art Manager" that allows me the choice of nearly 350 themes, with multiple colour choices for each, besides font rendering choices, icon set choices and cursor set choices (the last two in the hundreds).
  5. A beautiful, transparent analog clock with a second-hand that can unobtrusively stay on top even in applications. Handy to keep time during Powerpoint presentations.
  6. A 3-D modelling and animation software called Blender (haven't used it, though).
  7. VLC Media Player that can play almost all formats, a Video Editor (Pitivi)
  8. A Desktop Video Recorder (I can videotape something that is running on my desktop).
  9. FreeMind, the mind-mapping software under Linux, is much more advanced than its Windows equivalent, I have found to my delight.
The biggest benefit of all is the speed -- I feel like I have changed the chip on my Netbook. The enhanced animation effects for all windows are really pleasing.