Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A useful "Easter Egg" in Word

"Easter Eggs" are hidden, undocumented features built into software applications. One such useful easter egg in Microsoft Word is described below.

Very often, when we are creating templates, we need running text to check (for example) the number of lines that fit on a page. We might also need text to get a feel of how the whole page will look like when text is filled in. An easy way of inserting dummy text for such purposes is described below.

If you key '=rand()' (without the quotes) and press Enter, you will get 3 paragraphs, 3 sentences each of 'The quick brown...'. If you insert 5,10 between the parentheses, you get 5 paras, 10 sentences each of the same text.

I would be glad to attribute this to the person who told me about it, but I learnt it so long back, that unfortunately I am unable to remember.

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