Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How to "remove" words from a spell-check Dictionary

Sometimes, we add words to the spell-checker dictionary, after which they do not again turn up. thanks to slightly careless use of the spell-checker. There may be other words you want the spell-checker to throw up for our attention. For example, you may want the words, "filed" and "massage" to be marked as misspellings because you know that the author probably meant "field" and "message". How is that achieved?

1) Create a new document in Word. (or you can use the Notepad for this)
2) Add each word for your exclusion dictionary on a separate line.
3) This file must be saved as a text only file type so if using Word, use File/Save As and change the file type to Text Only (*.txt)
4) Locate folder for your main dictionary (*.lex) and name the file using the same name as your main dictionary but with an .exc file extension.

Typically, the main dictionary is located in the \Microsoft\Proof or \Microsoft Shared\Proof folder, but you can also use Start/Find/Files or Folder and search for *.lex.
The name of the dictionary depends on the language and version of Office that you are using. For example if using English (United States):
Main dictionary:Word 97: Mssp2_en.lexWord 2000: Mssp3en.lex
Exclusion Dictionary:Word 97: Mssp2_en.excWord 2000: Mssp3en.exc

You may need to restart Word after doing this for the exclusion dictionary to be recognised.

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