Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Google out-googled - and that too by an Indian company!

Google features quite often in this blog for all the interesting things it does. However, here is an offering that out-googles Google - and that too, on GMail and Google Apps! What's more, this quiet, really useful product (you will really be missing out on something if you don't check this out) has been developed by an Indian company, headquartered, where else, but in Bangalore!  More ...

Have you ever felt the need to search for someone's telephone number - and the person is not in your contact diary, but has sent email to you a couple of years ago? Google Desktop and GMail search are a bit helpful. But what if you have multiple email accounts, and are not sure which email account you may find the stuuff in? What about a single search across all your email accounts? Even if it is not in GMail? What if the telephone number is tucked away in some document?
WebYog has out-googled Google in its great free search product called CloudMagic - and if I understand Google well, set itself (or at least its CloudMagic product) up as a prime Google takeover target. (Watch this space -- you may soon hear about a move by Google to buy up this company). The product stores its index, like Google Desktop, on your local hard disk, so you can search even if you are not connected to the Web See Postscript at bottom. Also, no security concerns for your data on the Cloud. I haven't compared Google Desktop and CloudMagic head-to-head, but they are close enough for me to sing the praises of this Indian product. 
I installed it 5 minutes ago, and already found the data I wanted in and email I sent 4 months back, for an email I was composing even while the product was installing. Amazing! And the speed of the search is astounding - if there is anything faster than a Google Instant search, this is it. What's more, it installs as an unobtrusive search window in my GMail browser window. 

Postscript added at 6:00 pm : Small correction: You need to be connected to the web to use CloudMagic for some obscure reason, but index is stored locally.  

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