Sunday, February 06, 2011

Google Chrome is getting better!

Chrome now has Apps and Extensions. Hundreds of them are available in the Chrome Web Store, and many of them, are Free, at least for now. Each extension brings a new experience of browsing. I use Chrome on Ubuntu Linux, and slowly, these extensions are changing the way I am using browsers. And thus, the way I use computers. Some of these extensions: 

Le Newz is a totally new way of keeping up with the news - the experience beats Google News hollow. Something equally interesting, that does something similar is NewsSquares. The latter led me to a story that I had never read anywhere else - on how the Mumbai terror attacks were planned and executed, with minute-to-minute direction from Pakistan.

GreTouch is a new way of improving one's vocabulary: It has a word visualizer -- you can browse a word at a time -- and it shows a picture that helps you visualize the meaning of the word. For example, the word, "abusive" shows a photograph of Harbhajan Singh and Symonds eyeball-to-eyeball.  The word, "canter" shows a picture of a horse in mid-air while cantering. The word, "Hedgerow" actually shows a picture of one, which makes it so clear and understandable, and hence, easy to memorize.

Ge.TT is a file-sharing utility, without the need to upload! Regardless of size, you can share files on twitter, facebook or email. I cannot understand how it works, but it does work. 

And many more - I am still exploring.


  1. Chrome is good. But I still prefer Firefox over Chrome, FF is faster, crashes less often and it has equally large repository of Apps (Addons).

  2. Chrome is the best...........there are many other good extensions to it
    like the dictionary where you just have to double click on a word to get its meaning
    nd there is also the translate button which translates the entire page to from any to language to any language by just a click of a button
    then there are other extensions as facebook photo zoom, wikipedia extension, Panic button wheich are worth a try
    Chrome is the best browser existing

  3. chrome is the best we have today
    there are many other extensions such as the dictionary which gives the meaning of any word by just double clicking it
    Translator translates anything from any language
    facebook photo zoom, wikipedia extension nd panic button are also worth a try