Sunday, November 21, 2010

IPR Survey

India has signed the Patent Co-operation Treaty, and its laws, after successive amendments, are TRIPS and WTO-compliant. However, Indian companies have yet to appreciate the threat this could pose. Over 80% of patent filings in India are still by foreign companies. The IPR Culture certainly needs a big boost in India both, in large and small companies and among leaders and managers of these organizations.
I am conducting what promises to be a seminal pan-Indian survey of IPR, funded by the Accounting Research Foundation set up by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The research project aims
  • to investigate the processes and practices followed by consistently innovative  companies worldwide to build their IPR asset portfolios,
  • to observe and evaluate processes and practices followed by Indian companies in building awareness of IPR, and
  • to identify key factors and processes and practices influencing the IPR culture and rate of creation of IPR assets.
Names and company affiliations will be kept confidential. Only aggregates and summaries will be made available publicly. Participants in this survey will be entitled to an executive summary of the findings.
You can enrich the understanding of Indian companies' IPR processes by participating in the survey. This should take about 25-35 minutes of your time. Please write to me at or on +91-9619451254 with your name, designation and company name. You can also link with me on
Do participate in the survey and contribute towards creating a thriving culture of IPR in India.

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