Thursday, April 08, 2010

Some Scary Financial Statistics about the US


Some scary statistics about the US Government’s financial condition:

US National Debt to GDP (%):                       89.12
US National Debt per citizen ($):                  41,381
US GDP per citizen ($):                               46,381
US Total Debt per citizen ($):                      180,484
US Personal Debt per citizen ($):                 53,787
US Interest Burden per citizen ($):               $1,493
US Total Assets per citizen ($):                    234,181
US Total Liabilities per citizen ($):               350,054
US Personal Savings per citizen ($):             1,558
US Median Income per family ($):                62,013
US Gross Domestic Product ($):                    14.333 Trillion
Currency in circulation within the US ($):      1.993 Trillion
US Debt held by Foreign Countries ($):         3.875 Trillion
US Government Bailout ($):                         6.387 Trillion
Currency and Credit Derivatives ($):       648.975 Trillion

When Lana Turner, famous filmstar of yesteryear was asked her age, she had diplomatically replied:
I really don’t know, because it keeps changing from second to second.

All these figures similarly keep changing from millisecond to millisecond. I had extracted these figures between 6:45 pm and 7 pm today, Indian Standard time, from here. Check out for yourself what these figures are at this very moment. 

Now, think like a banker would: If the US Government was a loan applicant, how much of additional loan would would you trust the man to service? 


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