Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bankers' Honesty or Stupidity?


My wife recently wanted to close one of her salary accounts (opened by her former employer and not used after she changed employers). I sent my office assistant to the bank with the relevant letter and authorisation.

There was hardly any money in that savings account, but I was surprised when the assistant told me that the bank had told him to pay Rs.5 being the negative balance. I presumed it must be because of the unused cheque leaves, or some account closing charge that I was not aware of, and promptly forgot about it. But the bank did not -- they actually discovered that there still was Re.1/- in my wife's account and hence sent her a letter signed by some authorised signatory, and accompanied by a multi-city Banker's Cheque signed by no less than two bankers in the sum of Re.1/-.

I do not know whether to laud them for being so punctilious and honest, or to laugh at the system's stupidity.

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